• Commercial and Residential Flooring

      Your Floors Done Right is a full service flooring company specializing in helping homeowners, commercial property managers, architects, and general contractors find the right flooring products to meet their needs. We are experts in finding suitable flooring solutions for your commercial or residential premises based on their intended use. Hardwood, Carpeting, Green Flooring, even Ceramics and Stoneware we can do the job for you.

      Your Floors Done Right provides full-service flooring services across the New York Metro Area, including Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.

    • Experience, Variety, Quality and Professionalism

      We here at Your Floors Done Right are committed to giving the very best service and value to our customers, and we are passionate about the work we do.  One of our specialists will complete a thorough inspection to determine exactly what needs to be done to satisfy both your needs and your pocketbook. Make an appointment for a free estimate.  We will be prompt and concise.

      Whether its a professional cleaning, small repairs, a complete restoration of your existing floors, or removing the old floor and installing a new one. We will make the best deal, guaranteed!