• Expert Cleaning and Waxing

  • Expert waxing and polishing for all floor surfaces.

    Nothing looks less than professional than a dirty floor, yet high traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit and ruin the look of a beautiful floor. Also dirt and grit can permanently damage your floors. Experts advise that regular floor cleaning and preventative maintenance will increase the longevity of your floor, saving you money.

    Make certain of the appearance of your floors with Everything for your Floors professional high quality floor cleaning and waxing services. Everything for your floors floor care program is customized to your floor service needs including strip and wax, sealing, re-coating, buffing, etc. We do it all. Our cleaning team is dependable and thorough, making sure your home or office is spotless every time. You can count on us as the safe choice to get the job done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Call today for a free estimate.

  • Our floor cleaning and waxing services include:

    • Honing - Remove scratches and etching from stone and marble to make a shiny, reflective surface.
    • Grinding - Remove scratches, adhesive, epoxy, and other similar coatings with our industrial grinding machines.
    • High-speed polishing - Give your floors a professional shine with super performance high-speed floor polishing machines.
    • Waxing and sealing - Protect and buff your floors with high-quality, professional waxing products.