• Going Green for Your Next Flooring Project?

    Eco-friendly home improvement has come forward as one of the most popular and important trends of the past decade. Choosing to go with green flooring can mean a lot, both for your home and the environment. Traditional hardwood is the gold standard these days, but because trees take decades and decades to grow, many worry about sustainability. If you’ve been thinking about “going green” with your next flooring project, consider using either cork or bamboo as your material of choice.

    Cork and bamboo are made of natural, rapidly renewable resources and are recognized as having unique performance attributes as well as longevity, ranging from bamboo’s 25 years to cork's 100 years or more.

  • Cork, The Softest Hard Surface

    Cork flooring has been around for more than a century, and the U.S. supply is wholly imported, mainly from Portugal and Spain, where cork oak trees grow in abundance.

        Cork flooring offers many benefits to end users. With 200 million closed air pockets per cubic inch, cork is often chosen for its ability to absorb sound. It is especially suitable in multi-story homes and in multi-family buildings or commercial settings where noise or sound transference is a concern.

        Cork is also a natural fire inhibitor and is naturally antimicrobial. Much like a hardwood floor, a cork floor can be stained and refinished, and if maintained properly, can last a lifetime.

  • Bamboo

    It's widely known that bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly choice. Unlike most types of wood, one of the benefits of bamboo flooring is that it is in plentiful supply and more simple to replenish.  However many are surprised to discover the other benefits of a bamboo floor.

        Bamboo floors are warm and inviting. It comes in a wide range of different shades and grains and is incredibly durable, over 25 years is the general guarantee.  Bamboo is Highly Adaptable.  It less sensitive to temperature so it can be installed in almost any climate.

        Ask one of our expert designers how "Going Green" can add style and refinement to any room at a price you can afford.